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Swiss ball exercises

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  • This one will challenge you nicely, especially if you use a small ball so that you’re lower to the floor, which makes this type of ball exercise more demanding.

    It’s a terrific stability ball exercise for strengthening your glutes and low back (which are very important components of a healthy core).

  • Somewhat similar to the above exercise, this stability ball ab exercise uses only your legs while your torso and arms are braced against the floor.

    Another key point is to ensure that your shoulders are over top of your hands at all times so that your body does not rock back and forth, in which the benefit of this stability ball exercise is mostly lost.

    Here are just a few exercise ball exercises or hockey that will  train feedback mechanisms such as dynamic balance and reaction time, train stabilizer muscles, movement skills and motor learning. Just click on each exercise to get a full description and progression.


  • Starting Position
    • Get yourself into the supine position (How to lie on your stability ball)
    • keep your hands on your hips or at your sides as in the picture below.
    • Your feet should be hip width apart or a little closer.
    • Head shoulders and hips should form a straight line from your knees to your head.
    • Shift your weight over to one side.
    • Straighten one leg by lifting your foot off the ground.
    • Hold this position and then slowly return your foot to the ground.
    Prime Movers
    • Quadriceps
    Physio Tips
    • If you need more stability, try dropping your hands down to the floor until you are more confident with your weight shifting.
    • If this is too difficult, go back to Reverse Bridge Leg Raise or practice holding the reverse bridge position.
    • Add 1-2 kg ankle weights
    • Try this exercise ball exercise with your eyes closed.
    • Combine arm movements with leg raising.
    • Put more air in your exercise ball to make it less stable.

    These stability ball exercises act as compound, full-body movements, which serve to strengthen the abdominals better than any crunch, improve balance, and even help to relieve low back pain (,).

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if you find you have no difficulty with the of this exercise, but this exercise is a little too difficult, try putting your arms across your chest and letting a bit of air out of your ball. Bringing your arms back brings your centre of gravity back and shortens your lever making this exercise ball exercise easier.