BNB-THERG - Green Medium Round Theraband® Ball Hand Exerciser $8.75

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Gaiam Restore Hand Therapy Exercise Ball Kit

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  • Blue Gyro PowerBall Hand Exerciser Docking Station, Average Rating = 0.00/5, 0 , Dynaflex, $47.95. Chinese Exercise Balls, Average Rating = 0.00/5, 0, Black.

    CanDo Gel Squeeze Ball hand exerciser for grip strength, dexterity, mobility, and fine and gross motor skills. Heat or chill for use in hot or cold therapy. Available in 6 color-coded resistance levels. Each level (firmness) available in circular or egg shape. Balls can withstand temperatures ranging from -76 degrees Fahrenheit to 167 degrees Fahrenheit

  • The Dynaflex Pro Gyro Ball hand exerciser helps you improve your coordination while building strength. * Easy-grip outer sphere allows increased control and.

    This the Gel Ball Hand Exerciser range from Patterson Medical. A range of gel exercise balls designed to give the perfect low impact, resistance workout for the fingers, wrists or forearms.

    Fabrication Enterprises CanDo Gel Ball Hand Exerciser, (101491)
    Fabrication Enterprises CanDo® Gel Ball Hand Exerciser Sta...
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    Exemplary filled balloon type hand exercisers are the SHARPER IMAGE DEADBALL (TM) and the exerciser described in U.S. Pat. No. 5,350,342 (Scatterday). The SHARPER IMAGE DEADBALL (TM) is similar to that of Scatterday and was on sale prior to the filing date thereof. Scatterday '342 shows an exerciser which is made with a plurality of latex layers 6-14. As discussed on column 3 of the reference, construction of the device involves the following: " P! articulate material and lubricant that make up the core are initially inserted through hole 20 of the first latex layer 6 . . . This procedure is then repeated with the remaining layers . . . Once the core has been inserted in the final layer, glue is placed around the perimeter of hole 20 of layer 14 to fix the latex surrounding the hole to the underlying layer."

CanDo Gel Ball Hand Exerciser, Standard Circular, Red Light - 101492

This range of Gel Ball Hand Exercisers are ideal for use in both clinics and in the home, and can be used as part of a rehabilitation program following injury or other debilitating conditions.