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Isokinetics Inc. Brand Balance Exercise Ball Chair - with Choice of

Isokinetics Inc. Brand Balance Exercise Ball Chair - Black 52cm Ball - Exclusive: Office size 60mm/2.5" wheels (versus 50mm/2" wheels used on other brands) - w/ Ball Measuring Tape & Starter Pump

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    Isokinetics Inc. Brand Balance Exercise Ball Chair - Choice of Ball Color Exclusive: Only Isokinetics Inc. Brand comes with office size 60mm (2.5") wheels, versus 50mm (2") used on other brands. Bigger wheels provide a smoother, quieter rolling experience. Base has 4 wheels, 2 of which are lockable (we recommend placing the lockable wheels in the back to help avoid accidental locking) In Box: Rolling ball base and back, in solid black, a 52cm Isokinetics Inc. Brand ball, a small starter pump, our exclusive ball measuring tape, Isokinetics Inc. Contact and Warranty sheet, assembly instructions and basic exercise guide. We guarantee our ball will inflate to 52cm. See our YouTube video on proper ball inflation (seach isokineticsinc) Best fit is for people 5' to 5'11" tall (Need more height? Add our Ball Chair Height Adapters for 2" more). Weight limit, 300 lbs. 21"W x 31.5"H (top of chair back) x 22"D. Top of ball sits 24.5" from ground before sitting on. Weighs 14 pounds Bonus - Comes with a free "no-guess" exercise ball tape measure for proper inflation. Search YouTube (isokineticsinc) for ball inflation demo Includes an Isokinetics Inc. Brand 52cm ball, which we guarantee will inflate to the recommended 52cm size. PLEASE NOTE: Our chair AND ball is fully guaranteed for 1 year directly by Isokinetics Inc., based in Arkansas, USA. We stand behind our products and want you to be fully satisfied. Warranty and Contact information can be found inside each box

    Sitting in a regular office chair for upwards of eight hours a day at the office can certainly take its toll on your back. You may find yourself slouching, or leaning back too far. With the Isokinetics Inc. Brand Balance Exercise Ball Chair, you will not only sit comfortably, but also improve your concentration.

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