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Exercise Ball with Pump- Gym Quality, Anti-Burst, Anti-Slip (Black, 65 centimeters) Fitness Ball by DynaPro Direct. More colors and sizes available aka Yoga Ball, Swiss Ball

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  • The Duraball Pro Exercise Ball was a close #2, the only setback was its near-$100 price tag. The Duraball offers a super high-quality product with a ridiculously strong anti-burst material, but at 5 times the price of the Black Mountain ball, I didn’t think it was worth the money.

    Before you step into the extremely vast market with the goal of choosing the duraball pro exercise ball that is convenient to hold and carry, try some simple ways. In my eyes, there is one that’s been proven to be the most efficient way. Those exercise balls will not make it difficult for you to keep training at home.

  • The 65cm Duraball Exercise Ball is ideal for users under 6'-2" tall for a variety of abdominal and core exercises. Better and more versatile than any ab machine on the market, the Duraball can also be used with cable crossover machines, functional training machines or any home gym with a cable station.

    Available in your choice of sizes, this Duraball PRO exercise ball is great for everyday sitting, enhanced workout routines and more. Burst resistant ball helps you achieve great balance, flexibility and strength. It's also great for existing pilates exercises. The DuraBall PRO is the world's strongest exercise ball. Used by professional athletes, gyms and fitness enthusiasts worldwide, it has always proven itself a winner. Its durability, quality and finish are second to none. Burst rated to 1100 lbs. with a total load capacity of up to 4400 lbs.. Ball sizing guidelines:. 18 in. Ball: 49 - 61 in. H (applied for exercise). 22 in. Ball: 62 in. H and under (applied for chair), 62 - 68 in. H (applied for exercise). 26 in. Ball: 62 in. H and over (applied for chair), 67 - 74 in. H (applied for exercise). 30 in. Ball: 72 in. H and over (applied for chair), 75 in. H and over (applied for exercise). At work or in the gym, Exercise Balls help you to improve core stability, strength, balance and awareness. While at your desk, sit on a Ball Chair to engage in Active Sitting. When exercising, incorporate a ball into your stretching and weight programs to improve coordination and stability. Keep kids sitting active on a ball while watching TV or playing video games. An Exercise Ball is even great for relieving discomfort before, during and after labor.


    Dura Ball

    Dura Ball PRO is the strongest and safest burst resistant exercise ball in the world. It is preferred by advanced level users and is the choice of fitness professionals, physical therapists and pro athletes. The result of years of development and rigorous testing, the DuraBall Pro Exercise Ball offers maximum firmness and support. Have confidence when you put this ultra high quality fitness ball to the test for demanding fitness workouts or weight training routines. Its perfect for larger individuals and is also suitable as a ball chair when underinflated. DuraBall PRO is made in Australia from an innovative synthetic material called Duralon. You can trust the DuraBall PRO Exercise Ball for superior comfort and safety.

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      DuraBall PRO Exercise Ball Yellow. 45 cm.(FBPC45)      
      DuraBall PRO Exercise Ball Purple. 55 cm.(FBPC55)      
      DuraBall PRO Exercise Ball Silver 65 cm(FBPC65)      
      DuraBall PRO Exercise Ball Blue 65cm(FBPC65BL)      
      DuraBall PRO Exercise Ball Blue 75cm(FBPC75BL)      
      DuraBall PRO Exercise Ball Silver 75 cm(FBPC75)      
      DuraBall PRO Exercise Ball Blue. 85 cm.(FBPC85)    

    FitterFirst® DuraBall Pro Exercise Ball. A longer, leaner, more coordinated body, quickly and easily... no personal trainer or gym needed!

The duraBall® Pro is constructed from an innovative, ..

I prefer simple, easily-stowed home fitness equipment like exercise balls over more expensive, more intrusive machines. The DuraBall is just what it sounds like: a really durable exercise ball. I didn't notice anything special about it, but it's definitely a reliable, tough little exercise ball that comes in a lot of different sizes.