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Gaiam Balance Ball Chair, Black

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  • The is an ergonomic, mobile seating system that combines the benefits of ball therapy and adds the stability and convenience of a chair base. Designed to strengthen the back and body muscles, the Evolution Exercise Ball Chair promotes better health through "active sitting".

    After a couple more days of this, you may find yourself sitting on the exercise ball chair for much longer periods of time. (A week later, I spend the majority of my day on the exercise ball chair, but still take lots of breaks and occasionally switch back to the old chair.)

  • The Evolution Chair Exercise Ball Chair is a high quality, burst-resistant exercise device that is designed to help strengthen the core and improve posture.

    A roundup of ergonomics topics, including the New York Times on using exercise balls as chairs, the release of the 2nd edition of Ergonomic Checkpoints, an excellent resource for participatory ergonomics, and the 18th World Congress on Ergonomics, to be held in 2012 in Brazil (the week before Carnival!); Global Ergonomics Month; and the 1st FEES Conference....


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  • Sitting on a relatively unstable surface requires the sitter to use muscle and position sense organs (proprioception) more actively and continuously than in a traditional seat (90 degree chair). The FitBall Exercise Ball has a exercise ball shape and a lower sitting height also approaches more of a "perching" position in which legs are spread further apart (abduction) allowing the low back and pelvis to be in a more balanced relationship.

    The benefits of sitting on the FitBall Exercise Ball Chair while working are the same incorporating it in exercise routines; it promotes flexibility, coordination, motor skills, core strengthening, and balance. The FitBall Exercise Ball Chair will offer you an "Active sitting" position which means that your body, when positioned on top of an exercise ball, is constantly making small adjustments, often imperceptible, to remain balanced and thus is constantly exercising a large group of muscles in doing so. By strengthening your body's core muscle groups, including postural muscles, abdominals, gluteals and leg muscles, you help improve your posture, have better balance and guard against back injuries.

    Exercise ball chairs are all the rage. Countless websites looking to sell them tout the benefits of using an exercise ball (or fit ball) as an .

Exercise Ball Desk Chair - The Inside Trainer

The Zipcode™ Design Kathy Low-Back Exercise Ball Chair makes a unique addition to the home decor. It has a stylish design that complements your existing furniture. Made from plastic, the ball chair provides durability, which makes it last longer. The seat is replaced by an exercise ball that is made from plastic. This ball chair is available in multiple sizes, letting you choose the one that suits your needs. It has four legs that provide additional sturdiness. The legs are equipped with casters that make this ball chair mobile. Hard floors are ideally suited for the casters to ensure easy mobility. The hooded casters prevent the wheels from being easily damaged. This ball chair can be adjusted according to the user's height by inflating or deflating the ball. The back of the chair can be adjusted to provide more comfort to the user. The Kathy Low-Back Exercise Ball Chair from Zipcode™ Design combines the benefits of ball therapy with the convenience of a chair base. Easy to care for, this ball chair can be wiped clean with a soft and dry cloth to ensure that it looks as good as new for a long time. This helps maintain its original appearance for years to come.