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A big bouncy exercise ball makes even the work of getting fit seem fun

Gaiam Kids Stay-N-Play Balance Ball, Lime

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  • The 28-inch sensory exercise ball for kids is covered with hundreds of bumps to provide the user with more stimulation. Using this sensory ball strengthens the body’s core muscles and promotes awareness, attention and balance. Those with autism, Asperger’s or similar disabilities find this a toy to play with, and gain benefits while doing so. It can be used by those of all ages and will support up to 200 pounds. The ball must be blown up and the pump isn’t included.

    These exercise balls for kids come in various sizes for toddlers to bigger kids. They provide fun for someone to balance or bounce on them while providing helpful stimulation. These balls help promote balance and coordination and provide a tactile experience. Adult supervision may be required to show children how to use these balls or to help with physical therapy exercises.

  • The Thera-Band Exercise Ball Program for Kids is designed specifically for physical education programs.
    Using an exercise ball helps increase muscle activity and improves strength and balance. By adding Thera- Band Soft Weight exercise balls and Resistive Bands kids can get a complete workout.

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