Exercise Ball with Pump - 25" Diameter

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2 way action Hand AIR PUMP For Pool Floats, Exercise Balls, Rody or Hippity Hop bouncer hopper balls

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  • Like the tires on a car, an will naturally lose air over time. To keep your exercise ball properly inflated, you need an exercise ball pump. Many types of pumps exist. You need to consider a few things in order to make the right purchase: the size of your exercise ball, where you will use the exercise ball and your current health. Keeping these things in mind, along with shopping around, ensures that you will buy the exercise ball pump that is right for you.

    Exercise balls vary in size from 18-33 inches (45-85 cm), so certain exercise ball pumps are appropriate for small exercise balls but not for large ones. For example, inflating a smaller ball with a simple is a relatively easy procedure. With larger exercise balls, though, a hand pump requires more strokes and time. For larger exercise balls, a floor air pump or electric air pump will do the job faster. The latter requires no physical effort and will inflate a large exercise ball in less than a minute.

  • Exercise Ball with Pump, GYM QUALITY Fitness Ball by DynaPro Direct. More colors and sizes available aka Yoga Ball, Swiss Ball : Sports & Outdoors

    Where you will use your exercise ball plays a large role in determining the best exercise ball pump. If you will use your exercise ball only at home, any pump is fine. Yet if you use your exercise pump at a gym or other public place, pump portability becomes a factor. Hand pumps are the most portable option. If money is not an issue, you might want to consider buying two pumps: a floor air pump or electric pump for use at home and a hand pump to perform minor adjustments after you have arrived at your destination.

  • Do not forget to consider your current health when choosing an exercise ball pump. If you are using your exercise ball for , your physical therapist or doctor might advise you against performing the movements necessary to work a hand pump or floor air pump. Make sure to discuss any health issues that you have with your physical therapist or doctor before purchasing a pump.

Pure Fitness 65cm Exercise Ball with Pump

After you have decided on the type of exercise ball pump that is right for you, it is always wise to shop around before buying. See what other people are saying online by checking the reviews section of product websites. Doing this will help you determine which manufacturers are making the most reliable product. Visiting a retail store is another option that has the added benefit of allowing you to compare prices on the spot. Some stores might allow you to test the pumps as well.