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Stability Ball Storage Wall Rack (Holds 3 Balls)

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  • Stability balls are a must for any fitness facility, and the Stability Ball Storage Rack from Power Systems helps keep these important items of fitness equipment neat and organized. Its PVC construction, with a wide base, helps ensure the exercise ball storage rack is sturdy and durable so it will not topple over when loaded with stability balls.
    Compliment your stability ball rack with the best stability ball on the market today, the VersaBall Stability Ball, also from Power Systems.
    Athletic trainers, coaches, and personal trainers alike have been integrating stability balls into their training programs due to their great efficiency in developing balance and core strength. They are now a featured item of fitness equipment in the world of athletic training and functional conditioning.
    Among the many benefits of a stability ball are greater muscle strength and endurance for all of the major muscle groups, improved muscle tone, enhanced spinal stability, and restoration or improvement of flexibility. It can also be used in resistance training or during aerobics classes, helping with weight loss, and improving balance, posture and coordination.

    Choosing the right exercise ball storage rack or exercise ball rack for your gym is easy at Fitness Direct! Choose from a simple vertical rack, or a more abstract take on a standard rack. Or maybe you want an all-inclusive set complete with medicine balls and other equipment. Whatever you’re looking for, Fitness Direct has the right equipment for the job. Browse below and find the right medicine ball rack or exercise ball storage unit to fit your home gym’s specific needs today!

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