Do you incorporate exercise ball work into your workout?

But the good news is that people who sit on exercise balls while working burn off a whopping extra four calories an hour. (.)

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  • love using my workout ball at home! I sued to have this awesome guide book with over 100 exercise ball workouts and over the years have misplaced it, would surely come in handy now! hehe

    I tried using an exercise ball at work, but didn’t like it because it was too low and wouldn’t swivel, restricting my access to the phone. I bought a ball-bearing lazy susan base at the hardware store and mounted it between two one-foot square pieces of 3/4″ plywood. Eureka! Solved both problems and I love it. Made one for my desk at home also.
    It does seem important to have them well inflated.

  • One can easily sit on the exercise ball while working at a desk or computer workstation and use it as an alternative to a traditional . Others prefer to sit on it while watching television. Whatever the use, sitting on an exercise ball at some point of the day is helpful to that support the spine.

    Sitting on an exercise ball at work may help build core strength and improve postural awareness. A 2008 study conducted by the School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at State University of New York at Buffalo found that workers who sat on an exercise ball burned four more calories per hour than their colleagues who worked in a chair. If you are swapping out an office chair and replacing it with an exercise ball, be sure that you benefit from it by learning the proper seating form and best way to use the ball.

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  • 15-Minute Full-Body Exercise Ball Workout
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    Interesting but goes totally against my personal experience. I had a major back injury in 2006. I have been symptom free since 2011 due to the exercising I do to keep my core strong. One of the first things I did was switch to sitting on an exercise ball while working. That was in 2008. I felt immediate relief. Even before my back injury, I could rarely sit in a chair for long periods without discomfort and soreness. I happily sit on my ball, now and then bouncing or rolling around on it, or even rolling it under my back to do some nice back stretches and other exercises for brief breaks. When forced to sit in regular chairs for any period of time, I experience discomfort and soreness which I never experience on my exercise ball. I realize we’re all different but, for me, the exercise ball works great.

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I found a number of studies examining the benefits and drawbacks of sitting on an exercise ball at work. With a few exceptions, the research overwhelmingly shows that a chair is a better option than a ball, at least when you’re at work.