2) Birddogs with an Exercise Ball; these help with balance.

3) Supine Bridges with an Exercise Ball; they work the abs, back, hips, glutes and thighs.

Exercise Ball with Pump- Gym Quality, Anti-Burst, Anti-Slip (Blue, 55 centimeters) Fitness Ball by DynaPro Direct. More colors and sizes available aka Yoga Ball, Swiss Ball

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  • Fitness Exercise Swiss Gym Fit Yoga Core Ball 65CM Abdominal Back Workout - Pink - [Available From Amazon(UK & Ireland)] - - Structured to remain in one place and not roll aware while you’re not using it - Anti-burst feature prevents the ball from bursting during use - Perfect for Core Muscle Building / Yoga / Pilates / Toning Exercise Balls are on the THE BEST tools for strengthening your core muscles. This refers to the muscles from your chest down into your pelvis, a

    Exercise ball is such a simple concept. Using the exercise ball is a safe and very effective exercise tool. This method is far from being a fad and is guaranteed to provide an enjoyable exercise alternative for both young and old, catering for the occasional home user to the elite athlete.

  • Exercise ball is also named fitness ball, swiss ball, stability ball or yoga ball. You can easily use the exercise ball in the comfort of your own home or your office!

    Gym Exercise Fitness Ball 65cm (Anti-Burst) with Dual Action Hand Pump & Travel Sack - [Available From Amazon(UK & Ireland)] - Get into shape with this top quality 65cm Anti-Burst Exercise Gym Ball. Safe and easy to use, our Exercise Gym Ball makes the perfect training companion and is ideal for all Yoga, Pilates and Child Birth needs. The Anti-Burst feature gives you total confidence by preventing the ball bursting while in use The complete 3 piece set includes your Exer

    As a physical therapist my primary concern is injury treatment and prevention. If you are new to exercise ball exercises I recommend approaching this site in the following fashion:
      1. Core Anatomy
      2. Core Stabilization
      3. Core Instability
      4. Before the Exercise Ball
      5. How to buy an Exercise Ball
      6. Precautions
      7. Instructions
      8. Basic Program
      9. Exercise Progression

      Target Heart Rate
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      How Many Calories do You Need
      Body Mass Index Calculator
      Weight Watcher's Points Calculator
      Calorie Calculator for Different Activities
      Scuba diving
      Rock Climbing

  • The training concepts described on this web site represent the ultimate evolution of sport specific training. As an athlete with excellent core stability you will generate greater power, and strength in any off balance situation. You will run, swing, jump, and swim with greater efficiency. You will be able to apply the strength you have developed in the gym more effectively in functional and competitive situations.

    Whether you have never exercised a day in your life or you're a professional athlete, you can benefit from strengthening using the exercise ball. The free exercise ball exercises presented here represent a combination of the latest concepts from both the physical therapy realm and the physical conditioning world and are accompanied by illustrations. We try to review both the theory and rationale behind the ball exercises and present them with detailed instructions and photographs.

    I've included 173 exercise ball exercises with over 300 illustrations detailing exercises that require nothing but an exercise ball. I've included a variety of sample exercise ball workout programs for individuals with different levels of experience and involvement in sports.

    As a physical therapist I am regularly approached by my patients for a good source of free exercise ball exercises. Web sites of sufficient caliber are sparse, brief, incomplete, and full of advertising. I decided to start this web site to fulfill this need for free ball exercises.

    The exercise ball (or 'Swiss Ball' as it was commonly known as when first introduced) originated in Europe. In the 1960's, therapists in Switzerland used balls as a tool in the area of physical rehabilitation. Techniques were designed to aid in therapy for children with neurological problems.

I always use an exercise ball as a chair.

I just recently traded my office chair in for an exercise ball and after only a couple of days, I have been feeling and sleeping like a million bucks. Sitting on an exercise ball will also increase your height because of your improved posture.