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exercise with stability ball

Black Mountain Products 2000-Pound Anti Burst Exercise Stability Ball with Pump, Purple, 65cm

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  • There are many reasons for a person to use the exercise stability ball. The exercise stability ball is used therapeutically by health care professionals. Other than the health care professionals, it is also used by lay people to get back into shape. It is also prescribed for people who have instability due to various reasons. Some of the top reasons to use the exercise stability ball are listed here.

    Recently, dental lab techs at Becker Dental Lab in Herculaneum, MO, have traded their lab chairs for exercise stability balls. Lab techs have a sedentary job; however, sitting on the stability ball works the core muscles and burns more calories than sitting in a regular chair. In addition, use of the stability ball has provided relief from lower-back pain for one technician.

  • Since there are so many advantages of the exercise stability ball, many people use it routinely to exercise. Getting into shape and being fit has become very easy and effective with the use of the exercise stability ball. Using this ball along with any weight loss diet program will make the weight loss program to be very effective.

    To perform the exercise, as per the publication, the person grabs a Swiss ball or exercise or stability ball. Next, he gets into a push-up position, with his feet on top of the ball. Then, he makes the pike by using his core muscles to lift his buttocks into the air, over his torso. After that, the person does the roll-out. He brings the body down, allowing his body to move along the ball, until it is under his knees and the arms out in front of him.

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