7) Crunches with an Exercise Ball; they provide an ab workout.

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  • Swiss exercise balls (also called fitness balls, stability balls or balance balls) are a great fitness tool to improve strength, balance, and cardio endurance at your home workouts or in the gym.

    Gym Ball / Exercise Ball 65cm (Blue) With Dual Action Hand Pump - [Available From Amazon(UK & Ireland)] - This value range yoga ball is ideal for working out at home or in the gym. Perform a variety of exercises designed to tone and strengthen core muscles.

  • A ball that gives the best results for your workout yet also benefits the planet. Our toughest exercise ball is eco-friendly, free of phthalates, and latex maintaining the smallest environmental impact.

    Physio ball, exercise ball, stability ball, fitness ball — whatever you call it, we think a ball is must have for just about everyone. A stability ball can be used in the office and the gym — with a ball, basic exercises like sit-ups or push-ups become much more challenging and effective. If you're new to this piece of fitness equipment, here are some details you should know.

  • As a physical therapist my primary concern is injury treatment and prevention. If you are new to exercise ball exercises I recommend approaching this site in the following fashion:
      1. Core Anatomy
      2. Core Stabilization
      3. Core Instability
      4. Before the Exercise Ball
      5. How to buy an Exercise Ball
      6. Precautions
      7. Instructions
      8. Basic Program
      9. Exercise Progression

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      Body Mass Index Calculator
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    Swiss Exercise balls are one of today’s top fitness tools – and for good reason! These exercise balls have become an extremely popular way to increase core balance and abdominal fitness.

I always use an exercise ball as a chair.

Reason #11 -Can’t cross your legs. I’ve always been told how harmful it is to cross your legs when sitting…causes broken veins. If you’re in the habit of crossing your legs while sitting at your desk, get an exercise ball.