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BOSU Balance Trainer, Blue

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  • Plank Side Push Ups Doing push ups are great exercises on their own. Add the half exercise ball, doing pushups with your hands on the flat side are a great workout for the stabilizer muscles in the chest.

    The half exercise ball is a versatile tool to add to your exercise regiment. The flat plank matched with the half ball provide exercise options that you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere. With it, you are able to combine the three elements of fitness: toning, flexibility & cardiovascular. The half exercise ball is the perfect tool to work on maintaining balance and increasing fast twitch muscle tone.

  • Intensified Sit-Ups The wider range of motion provided by using a half exercise ball will substantially increase the intensity of sit-ups.

    Extend Weight Workouts Whether standing on the half exercise ball with weights or performing body weight movements such as squats or lunges all of the stability muscles are forced to fire, causing even more calories to be burned during your workout.

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    Hand pump and foot pump
    Bearing capacity
    Logo technic
    Silkscreen printing
    Regular packing details
    1pc in a PE bag,20pcs in a carton
    Samples time
    7-10 days for a customized yoga ball

  • A half exercise ball such as the BOSU (BOth Sides Utilized) Balance Trainer by Fitness Quest provides many of the benefits of a normal exercise ball. As opposed to a normal exercise ball, the flat plank on a half exercise ball provided extra stability as well as offering a new range of new exercise opportunities. The half exercise ball is a great way to add variety and challenges to your workout plans.

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The half exercise ball consists of a rubber dome side and a flat platform side. You may do exercises on both sides of the device. Like its predecessor, the stability ball, it adds an element of balance training to your abdominal workouts, while increasing the range of motion of some of the exercises. The half ball makes it relatively safe to perform exercises that are unsafe on the stability ball.