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Inflatable Exercise Balls Can Come Apart, Causing Injury Risk

Exercise Ball (Multiple Sizes) for Fitness, Stability, Balance & Yoga - Workout Guide & Quick Pump Included - Anit Burst Professional Quality Design (Red, 55CM)

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  • An inflatable exercise ball has many purposes as it has many names. Also called a training ball, birth ball, Swiss ball, balance ball, and work out ball, exercise balls are often used by physical therapists, fitness trainers, and for rehabilitation purposes. These large balls offer an inexpensive way to build core strength and get a full body workout without leaving the comforts of your own home.

    What do you get when you take an inflatable exercise ball, a remote controller, a chair and a sh*tload of quadcopters and put them all together? This contraption...

  • Between that dusty old treadmill, inflatable exercise ball and clunky set of weights, our homes can quickly turn into gym junkyards. But to get a true full-body workout, fitness expert Amy Dixon says all you need is one piece of equipment: the kettlebell. This compact, cannonball-shaped weight can work your entire body in one session, when used properly.

    Inflatable exercise balls are a great, fun way to improve core strength of the back and abdominal muscle groups. Strengthening your back and abs will help improve your posture, which can help alleviate back pain, and increase your ROM. I recommend this exercise ball because of its very high weight capacity of nearly 900 pounds! Two sizes to choose from, either 30cm (Pink) or 75cm (Red), where the smaller size makes workouts more difficult. Also, the ribbed surface on the ball improves traction to help prevent slippage – which is great for safety.

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Unique inflatable ball has stabilizing "feet" that keep the ball from rolling when not in use. When in use the weight of the person makes the "feet" retract into the ball so it can function like any other inflatable exercise ball. Non-slip surface is ribbed for extra security. ?Under" inflate to give a soft, mushy feel or fully inflate for a firm, bouncy feel. Ball can support up to 300 pounds. Comes in a polybag. Available in various color-coded sizes.