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Isokinetics Inc Adjustable Back Exercise Ball Office Chair

Isokinetics Inc. Balance Exercise Ball Chair - Purple 52cm Ball - Standard Height Frame - Office size 60mm/2.5" wheels - w/ Ball Measuring Tape & Starter Pump - Adult Size

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  • Custom made Cre8tive Covering that fits a FitBALL or Isokinetics Exercise Ball Chair or any other ball chair that features a 52cm or 55cm ball as part of the ball chair. COVER ONLY.

    Other excellent stability ball chair options include the and the . The Isokinetics Balance Exercise Ball Chair is non-adjustable (like the Gaiam Classic) but comes with slightly larger wheels. The Fitness Ball Chair is similar to the Gaiam Custom Fit in that its height can be adjusted; the Isokinetics version of the chair, however, comes with larger wheels and more color options for the included fitness ball.

  • This fun cover covers the area where your legs come in contact with the ball for added comfort. Dress up your FitBALL or Isokinetics Exercise Ball Chair in your own unique style.

    For those of you interested in improving your posture while sitting, the Isokinetics Balance Exercise Ball Chair is your key to better spine and improved back health. Unlike a normal chair, this yoga ball chair will train you to sit upright and prevent you from slouching or sitting with bad posture. Besides working on your balance, it can also strengthen your core and help improve your flexibility, coordination, and motor skills.

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