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Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise Weights -Bladder Control & Pelvic Floor Exercises - Set of 6 Premium Silicone Cones with Training Kit for Women: Beginners & Advanced

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  • Pelvic floor exercise balls, otherwise known as , are weighted balls placed inside of the vagina that cause involuntary contractions of the . The unconscious contraction of this muscle tissue makes it stronger, imparting benefits linked to urinary retention, childbirth, achievement and strength of orgasm, and even vaginal tightening.

    Most of us have an elementary understanding of pelvic floor exercise balls through popular culture or similar sources, but what is their function? And more importantly – how can they benefit our sexual and general well-being?

  • are LELO’s version of pelvic floor exercise balls. Pelvic floor exercise ball kit consists of four beads, two weighing 28 grams, and the other two each weighing 37 grams. Each ball contains a rubber-silenced inner ball that rolls freely within its outer shell of FDA approved phthalate-free ABS. The user can choose to use two individual Kegel balls or to have them held in place with the medical-grade silicone girdle as they experiment to find the style that suits them best. This modular system offered by LELO’s pelvic floor exercise balls allows women to build up resistance as their pelvic floor muscles grow stronger with time.

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