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Kaytee Run-About Mega 13-Inch Exercise Ball, Clear

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  • Subjects were then transferred from the capture container into a large (31.75 cm diameter), transparent rodent exercise ball (Lee's Aquarium Giant Kritter Krawler, ; see ). As being in a ball, wherein movement was dependent upon the subject, was a new and potentially stressful experience, we allowed subjects to habituate to the ball in their home room. They were allowed to move the ball across the floor for 1–3 min. We repeated this process daily for 5 days, allowing the subject to acclimate to the exercise ball and its movement. Subjects received a preferred food reward after each session.

    Your government sent $1 million to the National Institutes of Health in Texas and Maryland to teach monkeys how to run on treadmills. Twelve monkeys were placed into “transparent rodent exercise balls” and slowly taught to run on the treadmill. But wait, there’s action! One monkey vomited, and three others defecated in their exercise balls.

  • It's an amazing device comprised of some custom parts, a standard RC carsetup, and a standard 7" rodent exercise ball to create an fun RC toy! (It'san RC hamster ball...)

    Each of the twelve little monkeys was put into a “transparent rodent exercise ball.” The balls of monkeys were then placed onto a standard human NordicTrak treadmill. The treadmill was started at a low speed and gradually increased to 1 mile per hour.

  • Rodent exercise balls are the perfect gift for pets and they are affordable and long lasting gifts that will actually benefit the health of your pet.

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I keep rodents and have done for over a decade. I have also studied animal care and I want to encourage everyone to get their pet rodent an exercise ball.