Abdominal Stretch on Sissel Exercise Ball with Sissel Body Toning Bar

Lateral Flexion on Sissel Exercise Ball

SISSEL Securemax® Exercise Yoga Pilates Ball - 75 Cm (Silver)

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  • These balls enable you to develop your core strength. I attend a half hour abs class on a few occassions a week, where the Sissel exercise ball (also referred to as the swiss ball) is put into practice. There are many variations on how to use this - regular situps using the ball to support your lower back, push ups - making them more challening by not only having your legs raised, but having to stablise yourself as well. We also use them to kneel on and maintain an upright position - harder than you might imagine. The plank is a good little number to try with an inverted sit up as not only does it utilise your core, but also gives your arms a workout. It can be alot of fun learning how versatile this ball can be, as people tend to fall off (not injuring themselves) into giggles!

    The Sissel Exercise Ball can be used for a variety of activites. One of the main uses is to work on your core strengthing of the mid section. The abs can be worked on, and all round stability. I use this ball in conjunction to my training routine for running. The ball supports the body and is really versatile ensuring less chance of injury.
    I also use the ball for weight bearing exercises such as dumbell curls, shoulderpress and also chest work with dumbells. The unique training ability of the ball is that it is moveable so any work you carry out has to balanced out and held ny your body, this means more core strength is used for stabalisation.
    The balls come in a variety of sizes and are designes not too burst when excess weight is addred. I paid £25 for mine and use it very often, its well worth the price. Also included with the ball is an exercise manual advising what sort of movements can be carried out on the ball along with a pump and some even include and instructional DVD, so theres plenty of help and guidance.
    A great product for all those looking to get in shape and build core strength evenif its just toimprove posture.

  • The SISSEL Exercise Ball Stabilizer (#160.016) holds your SISSEL ball in place keeping it safe, and also provides for a safe workout! It offers a safe base for pre-birth exercising (Lamar classes, etc.). The SISSEL Exercise Ball Stabilizer has a 45 cm diameter and is made from high-quality polypropylene that clips together and detaches into four separate pieces.

    After giving birth I wanted to ensure I regained my former slim shape very quickly and I knew that with a new born it would be difficult to spend lots of time in the gym, fortunately I did not gain lots of weight and I do get to go to the gym on a regular basis however I also wanted to be able to work out at home as well and the Sissel Exercise Ball was just under £15 on Amazon and that included a pump and an instructional DVD.

    As a piece of exercise kit it is excellent to build up your core stability and in particular to strengthen those stomach muscles and define your abs. As such it is ideal for both men and women and I use mine in conjunction with a set of free weights as well. The ball itself will withstand up to 300kg of weight and the one I have is 65cm which is ideal for someone between the height of 5ft 6 to 5ft 10, if you are taller you need a bigger ball.

    This is more than just an ab cruncher and the DVD helps with some ideas for different exercises and I also got some ideas from my gym as it is used in onbe of the classes take, also there are websites with details of exercises on them as well which are useful.

    What I really like is the fact that I can work out in short bursts whenever I get the chance and this means that I can fit it in around my day looking after the little lady. This has turned out to be money well spent and a useful exercise tool for me.

Side Crunch on Sissel Exercise Ball with Sissel Body Toning Bar