BNB-AMB65 - 65cm AeroMat® Massage Therapy Exercise Ball $27.99

gaiam restore hand therapy exercise ball kit

Gaiam Restore Hand Therapy Exercise Ball Kit

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  • The Gaiam Hand Therapy Kit Exercise Ball is the next level stressball for your hands and fingers. With three varying resistance, this kit absolutely makes a great tool to help in . The exercise guide provides a tremendous aid how to use this stressball properly. This thing strengthens your little muscles on your fingers, palm, and lower arm. Ergo this stressball ultimately builds up further resistance against wrist pain and other Repetitive Strain Injury.

    Please take note that the Gaiam Hand Therapy Kit Exercise Ball is not your typical stressball that you can easily squish. It is even sturdier than the , and used mainly for finger and hand therapy. Although we can call it a stressball, it might not be your everyday happy squeeze ball that office employees usually have on their desk.

  • The Gaiam Hand Therapy Kit Exercise Ball is the bestselling therapeutic stressball in the market today. This kit includes three with varying resistance. There’s soft, medium, and firm to fit an individual’s gripping capacity. It is mainly used as a comprehensive hand therapy for people suffering from or any other Repetitive Strain Injury. It also has an illustrated exercise guide which you can follow to optimize hand strengthening.

    Who couldn't use just a bit more strength, better balance, and a higher range of motion? That is what you can get from Therapy Balls by Thera Band. These Thera-Band Therapy Balls are bright colors, easy to keep track of, and are meant for balancing exercises and stretching. Made of durable, heavy-duty molded vinyl, Thera-Band Therapy Balls have not seams and employ raised ribs to make them easy to hold. Choose your Thera-Band Therapy Balls from five sizes to get that perfect fit for you. See the chart below to determine the appropriate Thera Band exercise ball size. Thera Band therapy Ball supports up to 1000 lbs.

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    Choose the TheraBand Exercise Ball that best suits your individual needs.

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